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What is the cloud icon when ing apps download

What is the cloud icon when ing apps

Nov 16, I can explain what's going on with the cloud icon, however. If you see an iCloud download icon to the left of an app's name, it's supposed to indicate that you offloaded the app. Offload App is a new option that I can't find Apple has documented in a support note, and it's only available if you go to a specific. Source: These are offloaded apps, new for iOS A cloud next to an icon means you enabled offloaded apps and this app was moved to iCloud temporarily. When you tap the app, it begins to redownload to your device, as you've seen. To change this behaviour, go to Settings -> iTunes & App Store and. Why does iOS show a white cloud next to app names on my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? iOS app icon white cloud. If there's a cloud symbol next to an iOS app name, this app has been offloaded to increase storage space on your device. One of the features included in iOS 11 and later is app offloading. Offloading apps.

Oct 25, Did anyone else notice in the latest iPhone X Imgur leak that there are little cloud- like icons in front of a bunch of the app names? [ATTACH] I've. Nov 20, Find out why some of the apps that you encounter in the App Store on your iPhone have a cloud icon next to them. iOS app store gives me the cloud icon instead of open after sygic install. Why does that happen? I mean, if the app is allready installed why i have the option to install it again from icloud. The app exists allready in my iphone. It does this only for this app and only after the last update. iPhone 4, iOS

in reference to apps or music it means the item is available in icloud but not downloaded and physically on your phone. Hi, Action Thank you for the question. Here are a couple links that explain iTunes in the Cloud. · Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store · Regards,. Jason H. More Less. Jul 4, In the app store, I have cloud icons and GET buttons in some apps. What is the difference (See graphic).


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