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A fat client is a computer (client), in client–server architecture or networks, that typically provides rich functionality independent of the central server. Originally known as just a "client" or "thick client," the name is contrasted to thin client, which describes a computer heavily dependent on a server's applications. A fat client still. The definition of Thick Client defined and explained in simple language. 6 Jul In the world of client/server architecture, you need to determine if it will be the client or the server that handles the bulk of the workload. By client, we mean the application that runs on a personal computer or workstation and relies on a server to perform some operations. Thick or thin client architecture is.

A fat client (sometimes called a thick client) is a networked computer with most resources installed locally, rather than distributed over a network as is the case with a thin client. Most PCs (personal computers), for example, are fat clients because they have their own hard drives, CD/DVD drives, software applications and so. 17 Oct Computer dictionary definition for what thick client means including related links, information, and terms. A thick client is a type of client device in client-server architecture that has most hardware resources on board to perform computation operations, run applications and perform other functions independently. Although a thick client can perform most operations, it still needs to be connected to the primary server to download.

16 Oct The term "thick client" as opposed to thin client describes a graphical client application which runs on the user's operating system. A thick client usually has greater processing capacity and may have a sophisticated graphic interface. Nevertheless, this requires development effort and tends to be a mixture of. Hi Sradha, I just changed the topics to include Computer Networking, Computers and Client Server, so that your question reaches the right audience. I have also, removed Client Relations and Customers. The two answers that Anwar and Sean have provi. 21 Nov The difference between thin clients and thick clients.


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