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Proximal humerus fracture ppt

23 Apr Proximal humerus fractures. 1. % of upper extremity # 5% of all #. second most common fracture of the upperextremity. Pt > 65 yrs – third most common # 65% of # occur in Pt's > 60 yrs F:M – Incidence increases with age. 2. Old Pts low energy trauma. [FOOSH] Most # are. 3 Nov Proximal humerus fractures. 1. Proximal Humerus Fractures Speaker- Dr. Mithilesh Ranjan; 2. Proximal Humerus Fractures • Defined as Fx occurring at or proximal to surgical neck • 80 % of all humeral # • 7% of all #.. • Pt > 65 yrs – Second most common fracture of the upper extremity • 65% of # occur in. 5 Apr Proximal humerus fractures Taiz University,faculty of medicine and health sciences By Dr ; Malika Hameed.

15 Jul Proximal humerus fracture Management. 1. DR.K KODANDAPANIPROFESSOR OF ORTHOPAEDICS OSMANIA MEDICAL COLLEGE OSMANIA GENERAL HOSPITAL HYDERABAD; 2. Proximal Humeral Fxs Majority occur in the elderly, minimally displaced and stable. osteoporotic and. 16 Dec Proximal humerus fractures anatomy and classification. 1. BY G T SAI PRASANTH MODERATOR: DR ARUN KAMAL SIR ; 2. ANATOMY OF SHOULDER GIRDLE PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURES CLASSIFICATION OF PROXIMAL HUMERUS FRACTURES. 23 Jan Current Concepts in Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures. 1. Current Concepts in Treatment of Proximal Humerus Fractures J.R. Rudzki, MD, MSc Washington Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Clinical Assistant Professor Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery George Washington University School of Medicine.

3 Nov Proximal humerus fractures by krr. 1. MODERATOR: ANIAN PRESENTER: ANDRA; 2. It is the commonest # affecting shoulder girdle in adults. Proximal humeral # account for almost 7% of all # and 80% of all humeral #. In pts above the age of 65 years proximal humeral. Nonoperative. sling immobilization followed by progressive rehab. indications. 85 % of proximal humerus fractures are minimally displaced and can be treated nonoperatively including. minimally displaced surgical neck fracture (1-, 2-, and 3 -part); greater tuberosity fracture displaced fractures in patients who are not. Most commonly used classification system for proximal humeral fractures. • Developed in and updated in 6. • Based on: – Anatomic relationship of 4 “parts” of the proximal humerus (defined by Codman in ). • Greater tuberosity. • Lesser tuberosity. • Articular surface component. • Humeral shaft. * “ Part” is.


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