The Difference Between Mixer Grinder and Blender

Every day a new product for the kitchen purpose is launching. When you look at the TV ads, you can find hundreds of products to make your cooking style better. Using the right tools will make a bigger difference in the meals. The height of expectations for your family members is always high from you because you might be the only chef in the then house.

Many chefs recommend different tools for the cooking, but there are only few that will work out for you. Selecting the right Mixer does make a difference in the food and also the taste. There are so many types of Mixers in the market, which comes with the latest technology equipped, options and settings.

Many people are buying the mixers for the first time, but they get confused which one to buy. That is happening, not because of the lack of knowledge but there are different types of the mixers in the market. One of the common confusion is “Mixer grinder or Blender?”, I will give you a detail explanation on which will suit you the best. Ever wonder whether it is better to use a hand mixer or a stand mixer for your mixing ventures? Learn the benefits of each here

The first thing you need to know is to recognize your actual requirements. If you have not decided it yet, then take some time and think correctly or else these two may not work out for you.


To give you a closer picture on what a blender can do is to work around on LIQUID foods. Let’s assume that you are planning to have some juice then you need a blender. You can make Milkshakes, Vegetables shake, Salads, or some pumpkin juice. The blender used for blending coffee and all other liquid foods. The highest usage of blenders is in the USA, Canada, NZ, UK (England), Australia, and other countries.


Remember: You cannot use it for the heavier task.


Mixers are next level of Blenders, and this is something not many consumers are not aware of it. Did you know that Mixers highly used in Asian countries and restaurants (Worldwide)? Mixers are known to take on the heavier task which other types of the grinders are not capable of making it. Mixers are known for breaking the hardest shells, spices, and ingredients into powder without any hassle. They are much less expensive than a blender but powerful at the same time.

There are many advantages when you are using latest hand mixers because they are multipurpose and they come at a reasonable price. When you compare the life of grinders with blenders, grinders live longer (10 years without any repair) than the other types of mixers. The grinders have the sturdy build because high-quality of material is used in the manufacturer the build. The cost is always less when you compare it with the blender.



Brands like Panasonic, Phillips, and LG, like to manufacture Grinders than other mixers. You can check out the list where they are launching more grinders than other mixers. These well-known brands do come at a price, but Pansonic, Phillips, and other country brands are providing it for much less price and warranty are attractive as well.