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image_index. The current sub-image being shown for the instance sprite. Syntax: image_index. Returns: Real. Description. A sprite is made up of one or more sub- images which can make the sprite appear animated as they switch from one to the other, or can they can be switched between in code to give different "states". This event is triggered when you load an image into GameMaker: Studio, as long as you have used a valid URL or path with the applicable load file function. For example say you want to load a background image, and only change the current background to the new one when it has loaded. Well you would have something . image_number. Returns the number of sub-images of an instance sprite. Syntax: image_number. Returns: Real. Description. This read only variable can be used to get the number of sub-images in a sprite that has been assigned to an instance (if you need the number of sub-images for a sprite other than the one assigned.

Argument, Description. sprite, The index of the sprite to draw. subimg, The sub- image (frame) of the sprite to draw (image_index or -1 correlate to the current frame of animation in the object). x, The x coordinate of where to draw the sprite. y, The y coordinate of where to draw the sprite. Oct 2, I have a sprite with lots of subimages. When the game starts, my object starts at image 1, or the second subimage in the sprite. Weird enough, so I. image_xscale. Returns or sets the horizontal sprite scale for the instance. Syntax: image_xscale. Returns: Real. Description. This value sets the horizontal scaling applied to the sprite that has been assigned to the current instance. A scale of 1 indicates no scaling (), smaller values will scale down (, for example, will.

Feb 4, Along with the room editor, the image editor in GameMaker Studio 2 has been improved and expanded, with a host of new features and tools. The image editor is where you can create your own sprites or edit those you have imported or created previously. If you have used any image tools previously then this should be familiar to you but there are a few things to note when using the GameMaker Studio 2 image editor which may not be immediately apparent. You can change it to give the instance a different sprite by giving it the name of a sprite from the resource tree or by using a variable that has an externally loaded sprite indexed in it. Changing the sprite does not change the index of the currently visible sub-image, so if you change the sprite on sub-image number 3, the new.


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