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Sometimes, all Gaelic typefaces are called Celtic or uncial although most Gaelic types are not uncials. The "Anglo-Saxon" types of the 17th century are included in this category because both the Anglo-Saxon types and the Gaelic/Irish types derive from the Insular manuscript hand. The terms Gaelic type, Gaelic script and . It greatly influenced Irish orthography and modern Gaelic scripts in handwriting and typefaces. Insular script comprised a family of different scripts used for different functions. At the top of the hierarchy was the Insular half-uncial (or " Insular majuscule"), used for important documents and sacred text. The full uncial , in a. The Gaelic script is known as An Cló Gaelach (Gaelic type) in Irish. It is also known as Irish character, Irish type, Gaelic type, Celtic script or the Uncial alphabet. It is now used mainly as a decorative script on road signs, street names , shop signs and elsewhere in Ireland. It is also used as a decorative script in Scotland.

Results 1 - 11 of 50 celtic. church. corroded. curly. decorative. eroded. fantasy. foreign. gaelic. gothic. handwriting. handwritten. Hobbit. initials. international. irish. JRR Tolkien. kings. lettering. Lord of the Rings. medieval. monastic. old english. ornamental. ornate. Orthodox. Renaissance. Romanesque. Romanian. script. serif. Online Gaelic keyboard to type the special characters of the Ancient Irish alphabet. Irish uncial alphabet/Gaelic Script (cló Gaelach). The Irish uncial alphabet originated in medieval manuscripts as a variant of the Latin alphabet. It was used for printing Irish until quite recently and is still used on road signs and public notices throughout Ireland.

We have 2 free irish, celtic, uncial fonts to offer for direct downloading · Fonts is your favorite site for free fonts since Half Uncials 7th, 8th and 9th C. While Roman half-uncials(or semi uncials) were written using a more comfortable or classical axis, in other regions uncials were written with a horizontally held pen nib. The Irish Half Uncial was imported into Ireland via Christian missionaries. See the Irish variant in the Book of Kells. English.


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